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Kyle Batson Photo

A scene of a dozen children playing in a pool of water backlit by the sun. In the forgeround, one of the older girls is dressed in a mermaid costume. The central figure is a young girl smiling.
Mermaid Amongst Children Wichita, Kansas
Outdoors in a city, a couple is kissing. The man has one hand on a stroller with a child inside while yet another child holds on to the other handle of the stroller.
Couple Kissing with Stroller Wichita, Kansas
Bending Nose in Stroller Wichita, Kansas, 2016
An encounter in Chinatown San Francisco, California, 2016
I Hate To and You Hate To San Francisco, California, 2016
Children Amongst the Crowd Topeka, Kansas
Neck Brace and Others Istanbul, Turkey, 2015
Cafe with a Blonde Woman Istanbul, Turkey, 2015
The Explanation Istanbul, Turkey, 2015
A man and two women share a bench in a park. The man has white hair and stares wearily at the camera.
Trio on a Bench Rio de Janiero, Brazil
A group of young men are seen dancing and jumping in the air surrounded by drummers.
Men Dancing in Hyderabad Hyderabad, India
A teenage boy looKansas longingly at a group of three teenage girls who seem not to notice him.
Boy Looks at Girls Topeka, Kansas
A group of about a dozen school girls in matching hats, sweaters, and skirts stand aimlessly on paving stones in a town square.
Uniformed Girls in the Square Cusco, Peru, 2014
Eyes Closed Cusco, Peru, 2014
Bolivian Streets La Paz, Bolivia, 2014
Inquisitive Passenger La Paz, Bolivia, 2014
A father (face not shown) cradles his sleeping son.
Father Cradling Sleeping Son Bangkok, Thailand, 2012
Four school girls just out of school in matching plaid skirts play by pulling at the girl in the middle, all the girls are smiling.
School Girls Playing Aguas Calientes, Peru, 2014
Two boys in school uniforms move on paving stones in different directions in the rain.
Boys Smiling in the Rain Aguas Calientes, Peru, 2014
An older man in a suit and hat sits on a concrete wall in front of a church.
Old Man Sitting On a Church Wall Copacabana, Bolivia, 2014
Three old women wearing traditional Bolivian bowler hats and layered skirts look on. The middle woman is covering her face.
Three Women in Bowler Hats Copacabana, Bolivia, 2014
A blonde girl jumps for joy into the splash of water made by a carnival ride at night surrounded by other playing kids.
Kids Jumping in the Splash of Water Hutchinson, Kansas