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Kyle Batson Photo

Street Color

Ice cream truck New York City
Phones out at an intersection SoHo, New York City
Women Kissing SoHo, New York City
Hot & Sweet Sausage Corning, New York
A traditional Mexican dance Topeka, KS
Shadows obscure the face of a man standing at an intersection wearing a yellow shirt and yellow shorts holding a cane. His shirt is raised over his belly. In the foreground a sanitation worker with an orange shirt and an orange hat passes by, her face is obscured in shadow as well.
Yellow Belly Shirt Rio de Janiero, Brazil
The Bubble Man Lawrence, Kansas
Kids amongst the crowd Wichita, KS
Women Merida, Mexico
Cop with Workers Merida, Mexico
Old Fashioned Men Merida, Mexico
Man Crossing the Street with Earbuds Merida, Mexico
Woman Exiting a Bus Merida, Mexico
A man relaxes by leaning back against a white wall with his eyes closed. On the concrete in front of him are various chairs.
Resting in the Sun Tulum, Mexico
Covered Women in Front of Advertisement Istanbul, Turkey
Merchant at the Grand Bazaar Istanbul, Turkey
Man on an Empty Bus Dalyan, Turkey
Confectioners Istanbuyl, Turkey
Motorcycle Riders in Traffic Bengalaru, India
An Offering for Ganesha Bengalaru, India
Saint of Meat Copacabana, Bolivia Buy a Print
Shoe Shiner La Paz, Bolivia
Shoppers on the Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Shy Dog Fort Scott, Kansas