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Kyle Batson Photo

Industrial Buildings at Blue Hour, Wichita, Kansas 2021 Back Door at Dusk, Lawrence, Kansas 2022 Springfield Reflections, Springfield, Missouri 2019 East of Yuma, Arizona, Yuma, Arizona 2019 Shadows and concrete, Wichita, KS 2018 Concrete, shadows, and a bar, Topeka, Kansas 2019 Tunnel, Bridge, and Arch, Wichita, Kansas 2019 Antenna with red and shadows, Topeka, Kansas 2019 Alley lit by a parking garage at night, Topeka, Kansas 2019 Concrete Curves, São Paulo, Brazil 2016 Brick and Shadows, Wichita, Kansas Platonic Airliner, Kansas City, Missouri Building Reflections on Wall, Wichita, Kansas Raised Arm, Wichita, Kansas Angles, Wichita, Kansas Buildings in Wichita, Wichita, Kansas 2018 Yellow Shadows and Reflections, Lawrence, Kansas Shadowed Figures Under a Circular Staircase, Istanbul, Turkey 2015 Row of Chairs Through a Window, Lawrence, Kansas 2017 Fluorescent and Metal, San Francisco, California Radio tower in fog, São Paolo 2016 Cushion on chair, New York City, New York 2018 Brick and Shadows, Wichita, Kansas Intersections with Brick, Wichita, Kansas